"Live life to the full"

VITA UNICA born with this premise that guides us in the development of all our collections and products since 2005 until today.
It is a young, dynamic and very current brand, which reflects the spirit that its name suggests: "Life is unique". A life that is to be enjoyed, and to be enjoyed it has to be lived.
To "live life" better, we are constantly evolving; we seek solutions that enhance comfort, and improve the design and the materials we use... in short, our product sets itself clearly apart from the other choices on the market.
To "enjoy yourself" you have to feel at ease and comfortable with your style, with your image, an image that is your identity and reflects who you are and how others see you. It’s here that VITA UNICA comes in, with collections of a wide range of summer and winter options, taking care of the detail and the finishing, without forgetting the comfort that we are recognised for.
VITA UNICA was born in Spain and started to grow throughout the whole of Europe. Our objective is to gain a presence in more and more countries, and get closer to you. If you like our product and you want to become an official distributor of our brand, get in touch with us at contact and we will let you know all the detail.
If you’re looking for something different in your everyday footwear, VITA UNICA offers you everything you need.