"Top-quality materials"

All VITA UNICA products are characterised by the use of top-quality products, above all leather, a basic component of the products.
Along with these materials, we would point out that the development process is fully undertaken and supervised in Spain, allowing complete control over the product.
The COMFORT line, is also endorsed by reports from the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia which have confirmed the effectiveness of this unique exclusive gel technology which fully adapts to each individual foot providing levels of comfort that no other product is able to offer.
VITA UNICA is aimed at a wide audience, mainly the younger consumer, while VITA COMFORT is not only intended for the youth sector, but also for the more mature consumer. Therefore everyone can find a VITA UNICA product suited to their needs and taste.
Apart from all these qualities, VITA UNICA is able to maintain a good value-for-money ratio between the product and competitiveness in its sector.